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Nurturing Nature for Sustainable Living
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Changing the Conservation Narrative One Household at a Time

Environmental Conservation

Conservation in Africa is highly dependent on donor funding. We are shifting the paradigm by offering sustainable solutions that leverage nature based investment to fund conservation projects and initiatives at local levels. 

We offer sustainable waste management strategies that promote a circular economy and effectively reduce ecological footprint.

Young Professionals

Through mentorship, capacity sharing and networking, we are equipping young conservationists in Africa with requisite knowledge and skills to build a career in conservation. We aim to provide young professionals with the tools needed to thrive in early and mid-level roles. 

Bridging Inequalities

Social justice and conservation are interlinked at the core and we are championing for inclusivity through community-based natural resource management. We recognize that communities are active partners and not beneficiaries. By fostering sustainable development that is community led we are empowering communities to be drivers of change.


What We Do

Driven and led by women, we place a strong emphasis on African heritage and tailoring innovative solutions to address Africa's distinct challenges. Our work spans conservation, social justice, and community empowerment, recognizing the intricate relationship between healthy ecosystems and thriving societies. EcoHope Africa's mission centers on inspiring, equipping, and leaving a lasting positive impact. Our approach leverages local wisdom and collaborative community efforts to tackle Africa's issues with locally rooted solutions. Our dedication to conservation mirrors our dedication to the well-being of African communities, aiming to empower both current and future generations in the pursuit of a harmonious Africa that balances environmental stewardship and social progress.

We Are Committed To Protecting And Enhancing Our Environment

Community Empowerment

Waste Management

Young Professionals

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 Shifting the Conservation Paradigm in Africa

Community-based Conservation
Young Professionals
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Waste Management

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